Pyrethrum has a long history to tell.
For thousands of years man has made use of its extraordinary properties and cultivated it since ancient times, especially in the Far East.

Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family that looks very much like a common daisy, used to grow wild in the eastern Adriatic region, from Istria to Montenegro, in arid, calcareous locations, which is why it is also called ‘Dalmatian Pyrethrum’. Today its cultivation is concentrated in large plantations in Australia and New Zealand.

It is a hardy plant, which also grows wild in meadows. Used to decorate gardens or balconies, its simplicity produces truly enchanting results.

Pyrethrum is made from the flower heads, the inflorescence made up of all the small flowers. Once collected, dried and ground, they are used to obtain a formulation that can be sprayed on plants as a pesticide or indoors to combat pests.

Thanks to its natural plant origin, Pyrethrum is one of the few insecticides permitted in organic farming.

The most natural efficacy there is

The evolution of nature can be extraordinarily surprising. On the one hand, it is able to generate millions of insects, all different, and at the same time create a flower that produces a natural active ingredient capable of suppressing them.

The story of this active ingredient, which is so valuable for human well-being, has remained unchanged to this day.

The flowers of this plant contain pyrethrins, the active ingredients with insecticidal and repellent action that have a rapid knock-down effect on all insects. Pyrethrum leaves no toxic residues for humans and is not harmful to crops; indeed, to such an extent, that from the day after its use there is practically no trace of it in the environments where it has been used.

Thanks to its natural vegetal origin, Pyrethrum is one of the few insecticides permitted, indeed recommended, in organic farming.

One of the most appreciated characteristics of Pyrethrum is that, being a natural substance, it has a highly complex molecule. This unique feature of Pyrethrum makes it extremely difficult for insects to create resistant strains or populations, and this ensures a very reliable result, always.

An ally with many qualities

Few natural active ingredients contain and make available to man so many properties as Pyrethrum. It constitutes a real heritage that Copyr’s scientific research has further enhanced with the development of formulations that assure more and more efficient and reliable products, as well as products that can be used in total respect of the environment.

Today Copyr guarantees a natural and safe Pyrethrum, capable of attacking insects with its incisive multifunctional action: killing, expunging and repelling. Pyrethrum’s versatility is truly unique and can ensure exceptional results against a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pests in many sectors, especially in sensitive areas and in the food industry.

One of Pyrethrum’s distinguishing features is its total safety, the result of its high degradability due to its naturally being thermo- and photolabile. Finally, its efficacy: rapid and immediately verifiable, leaving the target insects no chance.

Natural and safe, capable of attacking insects with its incisive multifunctional action