New website for Copyr S.p.A.

The new Copyr institutional website is online!

The new website is more modern and pleasant thanks to the restyling that has made it possible to improve the interface, making it user-friendly, intuitive and dynamic. This will allow users a faster and more immediate web surfing from any device, smartphone or PC, and from any search engine.

The website is full of new content that extensively present the company and the growth path undertaken by Copyr in recent years. In fact, the company has invested numerous resources to implement the digital transformation process, support growth and push innovation to better meet and face the challenges and market opportunities of the future.

How to consult it?

  • From the Copyr Menu it is possible to learn more about the company, its history, its founding values, certifications, its expertise and the network of collaborations developed and acquired over time.
  • The Business Areas Menu describes the main channels and markets in which the company operates, the services and the value offer, allowing the related catalogs to be downloaded.
  • The Products section, already pivotal in the previous version, has been further improved and allows a better search for the solution that best meets your needs through the filters. It is also possible to download the technical data sheet of each product and ask for further information.
  • The Media Center is the new section that will collect all the news on activities, products, initiatives and events that see the company as the main character.
  • In the end, in addition to the contact page, the “search” function has been enhanced, which speeds up any search for content or products within the website.

In the footer, below, there are quick links to the social networks and it is possible to view the Code of Ethics, the Privacy Policy and the General Conditions that govern the Copyr website.

Follow us and/or contact us for more curiosities and have a good web surfing from the whole Copyr team!


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