For industries interested in producing their own range of pest management solutions or purchasing raw materials, business to business.

Working alongside
partner industries

Years of experience in product development and formulation combined with knowledge of European legislation and industrialisation skills enable Copyr to provide its partner customers with high standards of service in the creation of its range.

Planning and customisation

Tailor-made solutions and development proposals.

Registration process before the competent authorities

Knowledge of and support for the regulatory requirements necessary for product registration.

Industrialisation and production

Control of the production process from raw material to finished product.

Logistic service

Rapid delivery services throughout the country and abroad.

Together for continuous innovation

Copyr is the ideal partner for third-party industries intending to develop their own line of biocides, environmental deodorisers or plant protection products, including through the provision of a “turnkey” service.

Building on the combined know-how of Copyr and Zelnova, we continue to invest in R&D in order to propose cutting-edge solutions and to comply with the ever-changing Italian and European regulations.