From our experience in Agriculture and Professional Pest Control, we have created a line dedicated to end users who wish to tend to their gardens and home environments with specific and effective products, favouring those of natural origin.

Working alongside
our customers

In an increasingly regulated and competitive industry, market challenges have multiplied as have consumer demands for more information, support services and more dynamic distribution.

Building on its experience and flexibility, COPYR is committed day after day to providing its partner customers with targeted and innovative services to seize emerging opportunities and meet the new needs of end consumers.

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Sales Force

Professionals on the front line who can advise their customers on the right solutions.

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Customer Service

The back office team available and able to provide a precise and rapid commercial service.

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Technical Service

Specialists who will support you with any doubts or queries you may have about the products and their application, including through targeted on-site inspections.

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A useful tool to be kept up-to-date on market news, new regulations and Copyr activities, as well as commercial offers of the period.

Services dedicated to Information and Promotion


This is the opportunity Copyr offers its best resellers to allow them to be found by end consumers.

We are committed to communicating the correct use of our products every day, because we believe that correct information and training of gardening enthusiasts helps support sales.

Copyr aderisce a:
per promuovere e migliorare
i propri standard etici e professionali

Copyr, Compagnia del Piretro, has always had a focus on protecting users, families and the environment, and it seeks to guide and accompany retailers in the Home&Garden sector, continuously adapting its services to identify the very best solutions for the defence and protection of environments.

Numerous marketing activities are carried out to promote the range of solutions in shops, and end consumers are reached via active communications activities. For years Copyr has stood out for offering consumers a free online agronomist consultancy service.
The team of agronomists is ready to answer every query, giving precious advice to take the best care of plants and home environments.










Download our new Home&Garden line catalogue now, along with the latest Copyr Rodents brochure to find the best solutions to take care of your home environment.

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