Our range of Pyrethrum-based crop protection products is particularly suitable for use in agriculture, and specifically in organic and integrated cultivation, due to the natural origin and reduced preharvest interval of Pyrethrum.

Working with our partners in Agricolture

The development of solutions for agriculture is the result of Copyr’s intense R&D work on Pyrethrum and on effective and environmentally friendly formulations.
In order to provide farmers with these solutions, Copyr avails itself of a network of well-organised partner distributors in Italy and abroad, and supports them in passing on methods and techniques so that the proposed solutions can assure the best results in terms of plant and crop protection.

Formulation development

Effective and environmentally friendly solutions tailored for organic and integrated farming.

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Field testing

Thanks to collaboration with leading test centres such as Sagea, Biofarm and BT, all registration tests are carried out in the field.

Phytosanitary registrations

To support protection against:
- Traditional and newly introduced pests
- Major and minor crops

Technical and scientific dissemination

Starting with experimentation and R&D, our company collaborates with research centres, official bodies and trade associations, including Lainburg, FEM, Agrion, Bioland

Organic certifications

Constant research and development activities are also aimed at complying with the requests for organic certification pertaining to Italian and foreign reference markets.

Product sales

Collaboration and presence in the Mediterranean countries, and also in Northern Europe and Africa; in parallel, continuous investment so that our solutions respond adequately to the needs of the destination countries.

Copyr, Compagnia del Piretro, has always had a focus on protecting the environment, the agricultural and food chain and the individuals involved in the sector, in particular farmers. The company also seeks to guide and accompany its partner resellers in Agriculture, investing continuous resources in R&D to offer effective solutions for protection against pests, including those of recent introduction (Halyomorpha halys, Drosophila sp, Bactrocera dorsalis), of all major agricultural crops (such as vines and apples) and minor ones (such as the fresh vegetables and small fruits).

Moreover, Copyr involves and collaborates with all interested stakeholders such as research and experimentation centres, universities and category associations to offer authoritative proof of the effectiveness of its solutions and allow the technical and scientific dissemination of the results, which then allows their use in organic and integrated farming.